Top Information Technology Trends and Predictions for 2018

Information technology Trends and Predication for 2018

Looks like, the evolution of man, machine, data, and technologies will never stop. 2017 has been a wondrous year for the tech world, holding some dreadful stories at the same time. We saw Wannacry’s havoc-causing attacks to Bitcoin’s record-breaking news in the same year. 2018 is not going to be any different. We’re sure that the future is waiting for you with some exciting and shocking Information technology Trends.

If you are a tech geek and interested in knowing the IT predictions, these 10 Top IT Trends for 2018 are must for looking into, in order to tame your knowledge hunger (or to make something out of it, who knows!):

AI and Machine learning

Be it Google’s Tensor Flow Library or Amazon’s GPUs, machine learning and deep learning is at the heart of it. Better Machine learning algorithms mean better AI implementations, which interlinks these two giant technologies. The increasing interest of tech pioneers, paced up research, and hiking industrial use of ML is making sure that it will remain the most influencing trend of this year. In 2018, we can expect better text, visual and voice recognition algorithms, coming up to empower the futuristic products.

Intelligent Apps and Data Analytics

Sales and marketing experts are taking the data analytics very seriously as they consider that narrowing down the target list may increase the successful conversions and more business. Seeing the leveraged benefits, it can be considered that data mining and analytics efforts will increase in every business niche.

Intelligent Apps and Data Analytics

At the same time, there is a whole new range of new-generation applications, which are ready for the sneak-peak. These smarter apps utilize data analytics, AI, and machine learning to perform intelligent tasks. Virtual Person Assistants are one example of intelligent applications. You’ll see their increasing use in HR, supply chain management, and other business operations too.

IoT and Edge computing

Do not know about Edge Computing? Here’s a quick introduction:

The advanced technology for the on-device processing and analytics of the hyper-connected world is often referred to an edge computing.

As 95% of new products will be using IoT in any form by 2020 as per Gartner, 2018 will be significantly taken over by the Internet of Things. During this period, Edge Computing won’t make any lesser impact. Edge computing can enable a better range of IoT applications. The Technology has the power to improve the obstacle detection, object recognition, face identification, Natural Language Processing capacity and security procedures. The duo of these technologies makes an amazing and revolutionary pair and hence, a sure thing to watch out this year.

Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies

Information technology Trends and Predication for 2018

From $750 in January 2017 to $17,000 in December 2017, Digital Currency Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology itself, has been a massive surprise for everyone. The distributed digital ecosystem, utilized for cryptocurrency exchange, has already started gaining the attention of millions. Some are predicting that crypto will fail badly while others consider it the future. Meanwhile, these up-downs will continue to keep you engaged in 2018 too.

Digital Workspaces

Facebook has already started offering the Workspace services from last year but it was just the beginning of this Information technology Trends. The year 2018 will be revolutionizing for the workspaces too. It will be known for shaping the offices and infrastructure of future. The smart workplaces with intelligent-enabled buildings will come into existence. The major changes you’ll see in the workplaces are:

  • Better web-based communications for effective collaborations in real-time
  • BYOD (Bring your own Device) to BYOA (Bring your own App)
  • Video-conferencing devices and usage
  • Mobility and Intelligent Apps

DaaS (Data as a Service)

Data is the fuel, which is crucial for better analytics results and efficient mining. Due to the involvement of data in every small to big business operations, it is important that whole organization shares the data. Currently, multiple departments have their own restricted data libraries. Real-time data streaming from cloud-based repositories can solve this problem. Believe it or not, companies have understood it already and that’s the cause DaaS will soon be hyped.

Augmented Reality

3D Gaming and Virtual Reality are already trending and have gained enough publicity in 2017 already, now is the time for Augmented Reality to sprawl. It is a strong contending technology among which will stay hinged to the Top IT Trends for 2018 list. More developed 3D projectors, movement detection algorithms, and more realistic results will make the idea of overlaying the digital visuals in real-world more fascinating. What’s say?

Important of Video and Voice Data

Video marketing and voice searches have started making news and it will soon be essential every business optimize their web entities for video and voice searches too. It could be considered the next-level content revolution.

Bots and Robots

AI bots are going to be more powerful in 2018. So you can expect that the unrealistic and boring scripts, being used in the online chat systems on the business websites, will be soon be removed. On the other side, robotics will remain as interesting as usual. There are chances that its use in the industries and public will become more normal. So if you watch a robot walking on the road, don’t be surprised!

Cyber Security

2017 will be remembered for the big cyber attacks and the lack of Cybersecurity. The consequences have shifted the attention of the world towards the importance of securing networking, tightening the cyberethics rules, increase privacy and adopting strong security deployment. Hence, we can expect Cybersecurity’s stricter implementations in IoT, Blockchains, Cloud computing, wireless communication and many other growing technologies.

As the technologies are unpredictable, there are fair chances that you’ll also see notable improvements in the potential of these Information technology Trends:

  • Hardware Accelerators
  • Neural Networks and Brain Computing
  • 3D Technologies
  • Smarter Architectures and Transportation mediums
  • Blockchain IoT

Apart from these Top IT Trends for 2018, there is a lot more waiting for you as we move ahead in the year. So keep on speculating the technologies and you’ll wonder how they grow or run aground.

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