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Why Choose DevOpsCube?

DevOpsCube is a robust community for DevOps enthusiasts, with over 100k+ members connected through various platforms such as email and LinkedIn Groups. Every month, we garner more than 300k+ page views, focusing on IT/Software/Security-related news, tutorials, and informative guides. If you’re looking to reach a dedicated community of IT/Software enthusiasts, then advertising with DevOpsCube is the right choice.

Advertising and Partnership Options

DevOpsCube offers various advertising and partnership options for those wanting to showcase their products or services.

Custom Reviews, Tutorials, and Guides

If your product is innovative and unique, we offer the opportunity to write custom comprehensive reviews, tutorials, and guides on your product. The pricing for this service is based on the product, with our base package starting from $399.

We also accept sponsored posts. You can submit your post to us at [email protected]. After a thorough review, we’ll share it across our social media channels and our mailing list, maximizing your reach. The base package for sponsored posts also starts at $399.

Payment and Contact

We accept payments exclusively via PayPal for all our services. For any queries or for more detailed information about our advertising and partnership options, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected].

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