Python For DevOps: Guide for DevOps Engineers

python for DevOps

In this blog, I will discuss why you need python for DevOps and its real-world use cases. Also, I have added the resources and roadmap to learn python for a DevOps engineer.

Programming is becoming an essential skill for DevOps engineers. It doesn’t mean DevOps engineers have to develop full-fledged applications like developers. The development use case is different for DevOps engineers. 

In my DevOps engineers guide, I have written about the importance of programming & Scripting for Devops engineers.

Python For DevOps

When it comes to DevOps, Python is the preferred programming language for automation.

The latest Python Developers Survey conducted by JetBrains shows that 38% of python usage is reported for DevOps, Automation, and System Administration.

python for DevOps survey

Now let’s look at Python’s different use cases for DevOps.

1. CI/CD, Infrastructure provisioning & Configuration Management

Many open source tools are available for infrastructure provisioning, configuration management, CI/CD, etc. However, there are scenarios where the native tooling functionality might not be sufficient to implement the required functionality. Here is where languages like Python come in to picture. For example,

  1. Making an API call to get a secret token while deploying.
  2. Reading a CSV file to get specific data during application deployments.
  3. In Ansible, you can create custom modules using Python when no module is available for the implementation you are looking for.

2. DevOps Platform Tooling

In most organizations, central DevOps platform teams develop the in-house platform and tooling for internal teams. While developing these platforms, DevOps engineers need to work with programming languages to build utilities and scripts for platform automation requirements.

3. Cloud Automation

Boto3 is an excellent example of Python usage for Cloud Automation. It is an extensively used python module for AWS cloud-related automation and scripts. As a DevOps engineer, you might also have to develop lambda functions in Python for infrastructure-related tasks.

4. Monitoring & Alerting

Even though every organization has monitoring tools, there are use cases where you need a customized solution for monitoring and alerting. You can use the relevant python SDKs or custom modules to implement the solution in such cases.

For example, a custom autoscaler based on alerts where a webhook listens to incoming alerts to take scaling decisions. You can automate the whole autoscaling process using a simple Python Flask application.


Another area where Python is extensively used is MLOPS. When DevOps engineers work with ML application development teams, most workflows require Python. For example, Airflow tool is a standard ML & data engineering pipeline tool. In most cases, DevOps engineers are responsible for creating these pipelines in collaboration with ML and Data engineers. However, there are complex use cases where the involvement of data engineers is required.

Python Learning Roadmap For DevOps Engineers

If you are starting your DevOps engineer journey and want to learn python, here is a roadmap with the relevant resources.

  1. Python environment setup
  2. Basic syntax
  3. Variables
  4. Python Data Types
  5. Conditionals
  6. Loops
  7. Regular expressions.
  8. Methods
  9. Modules
  10. Exception handling
  11. Utilizing Python cloud SDKs (Boto3)

Once you learn the above concepts, you can start with hands-on python scripting on the real-world use cases listed in the next section.

If you are looking for a guided way to learn Python from scratch., I recommend the following free python resources.

  1. Learn Python 3 from Scratch
  2. Introduction to Python Programming
  3. Python for Beginners – Full Course

Important Python Modules for DevOps Automation

There are a lot of python modules for various use cases. However, when it comes to DevOps, there are a set of modules that you will have to use repeatedly for automation tasks.

Here is the list.

  1. os module
  2. platform
  3. subprocess
  4. sys
  5. psutil
  6. re (Regular Expression)
  7. scapy
  8. Requests
  9. getpass
  10. boto3
  11. paramiko
  12. JSON
  13. PyYAML
  14. pandas: One of the best data science frameworks. However, it is very useful for DevOps automation tasks dealing with CSV files.
  15. smtplib

Real World Python Automation Use Cases For DevOps

Now let’s take a look at some of the real-world use cases of Python scripting in DevOps

  1. Python Script to query databases
  2. Python script to execute a shell script and shell commands.
  3. Querying Splunk logs for specific alerting
  4. Python script to create Kafka Topics
  5. Python script to take backups.
  6. Python script for Kubernetes init containers code to fetch secrets from the vault.
  7. Python script to fetch IPs of live servers in an autoscaling group.
  8. Python Boto3 program to manage AWS ec2 instances.
  9. Python AWS Lambda function to stop running instances on weekends.
  10. Python script for ETL jobs.

Python For DevOps GitHub Repo

I have created a GitHub repository where DevOps-related python scripts and programs will be added for learning and implementation. The repo primarily focuses on generic python scripts, boto3, OS-related python scripts, and more. It is an open-source repo that will accept community contributions.

Repo: Python for DevOps Scripts

Or you can clone the repo.

git clone

How Important is Python for DevOps Engineers?

Coding for DevOps engineers is a highly debated topic. However, In my experience as a DevOps engineer, I encountered many situations where I had to use Python for DevOps in terms of automation, CI/CD, and custom auto-scaling solutions.

Also, When it comes to DevOps engineer interviews, Python plays a key role. Most Devops preliminary interview rounds have live coding sessions. Therefore, you will have to solve programming challenges related to devops. With a good knowledge of Python, you can easily crack these interviews.

I have searched a job portal for Devops openings, and more than 7941 jobs mentioned Python as a requirement in all experience levels.

Python devops engineers jobs


Programming and scripting knowledge is becoming essential for DevOps Engineers. And one of the best programming languages for DevOps is also python.

Even if you are not actively working on scripting in your day-to-day devops engineer job, I would highly suggest you learn python and create open-source utilities and scripts. It will definitely help you in a long run.

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