What Type of Coder Are you?

Coders are very creative guys and that’s the reason every software development company likes them. Let’s discuss and know what’s in the mind of a coder and the types of coders around us

Traits of a Coder

  1. Analytical Mindset
  2. Curiosity and Inquisitiveness
  3. Empathy Flexibility
  4. Love of Learning
  5. Pragmatism
  6. Team Player
  7. Technical Mindset

Types of Coders

The Perfectionist – Very punctual, does what he is asked to do, leaves office in time. Fixes many issues as possible and delivers the project on or before time.

The Street Smart Freak – His favorite commands are ctrl+c and ctrl+v. He worships google and blindly copy pastes code from the internet, although doesn’t know the concepts behind, somehow he gets his work done as expected.

The Theoretical Dude – Reads a lot and know how stuff works in computer science engineering, but lacks little coding capabilities. Always want to win the theoretical arguments

The Sloppy Fellow – Knows the root cause of the problem, knows the solution for the issue, however, ends up messing things up because of less focus.

The Code Police – A review nazi, PR approval chances are very less, catches even small bugs, lets the others fix the bugs, argues about code quality and indentation.

Wildcard or Eureka Guy – Versatile coder who keeps trying on latest and new stuff, kinda growth hacking guy.

OK, want to learn to code and be like one of the above guys?

Very cool. Here are the usual suggestions below:

  1. Codecademy.com
  2. freecodecamp.org
  3. KhanAcademy.org/cs
  4. Pluralsight.com
  5. Code.org
  6. Teamtreehouse.com
  7. learncodethehardway.org
  8. Udacity
  9. Harvard’s CS50x at edX
  10. Udemy.com
  11. Coursera

Still confused on what type of coding you want to learn? Let’s break it down,

  1. Interested in Web Development? : Any of the many “Learn to Code” sites mentioned above will do fine.
  2. Interested in Hardware? Consider a Raspberry Pi or Arduino.
  3. Interested in the code and history under the code you use every day? : Read “Code” by Charles Petzold.
  4. Already a techie but want to learn the hard way? Check out http://learncodethehardway.org
  5. Interested in being a well-rounded developer? Read “Coder to Developer” by Mike Gunderloy

Now, take a deep breath and choose who you really want to be. With the chaos that is software development, you must choose your category in such way that you can be very competitive in that class/category.

So let me know what type of coder are you or want to be?

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