Pluralsight Current Offers & Review

In this post, we have added the latest pluralsight promo codes and offers to get discounts on Pluralsight subscription. We have also added some freebies offered by Pluralsight.

If you want to learn DevOps tools, programming, Automation, Virtualization, cloud computing and what not, you can find every on-demand courses on Pluralsight. All Pluralsight courses are fine-tuned with experienced industry professionals. However, the Pluralsight subscription is not free. You need to spend $29/m or $299/y as subscription charges to access all their courses. Once you have the subscription, there is no limit in accessing the courses.

You can see the list of Pluralsight course offerings from here

Pluralsight Promo Codes & Current Offers

We keep updating this page with all the latest offers from Pluralsight.

Following are the current pluralsight offers to get you discount on its subscription.

  1. 10 Days Free Account
  2. Buy One Get One Subscription Free
  3. Save 14% On Annual Subscription
  4. Get Weekly Free Courses From Pluralsight

How to Redeem Pluralsight Coupon

If you have an offer code from Pluralsight, use the steps below to redeem the coupon.

Note: You can get the latest offers from here -> Pluralsight coupons

  1. Head over to the Pluralsight offer redemption page.
  2. Signup with all the details.

Moreover, Pluralsight has both Android and iOS application, using which you can access the courses from anywhere. All the course screencasts are in HD quality (Both audio and video). And if you wish to watch the videos offline, you can make use of their desktop player which has offline functionality.

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Pluralsight Course Offerings

Pluralsight offers courses in the following key areas.

  1. Software Development [Courses on popular programming language]
  2. IT Ops [Courses on Infrastructure, Virtualisation, and Cloud]
  3. Data Professional [Course on data analytics, engineering, and science ]
  4. Information & Cyber Security [Curses on IT security Certifications]

All Pluralsight discounts will get access to all the courses offered by Pluralsight.

If you are looking for other options, you can opt for Treehouse and Udemy. You can find free coupon codes and discount from here. online course deals

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