Kubernetes Certification Coupon: 16% Off + $100 Off On Kubernetes Course bundle

Cloud native foundation has two Kubernetes certifications. It is one of the most preferred certifications for the organizations due to the wide adoption of Kubernetes.

  1. Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Program
  2. Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Program

Kubernetes Certification Coupon and Training

For DevOpsCube readers, Linux Foundation has offered a 16% Discount on its training and certification programs.

Following are the offers available for Kubernetes certification and training.

  1. Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Certification + Training Bundle

  2. Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) + Training Bundle


With training bundle, you will get $100 off and an additional 16% off using kubernetes certification coupon code DCUBEOFFER ( Note: 20% & 40% Off Sitewide offer for a limited time. Check Linux Foundation Coupons)This offer is not limited to Kubernetes certification and training. You can use it for any subscription in Linux Foundation.

About Kubernetes Certification

Kubernetes certification is to test your Kubernetes skills through a live practical exam. This exam does not have any objective type questions like other certifications.

Exam Overview:

  1. It is an online-proctored exam
  2. Full emphasis is on practice than theoretical questions.
  3. You will have to complete 24 practical tasks in 3 hours.
  4.  You cannot cheat on the exam. However, usage of kubernetes.io docs is permitted.

Skills required for CKA:

  • Application Lifecycle Management – 8%
  • Installation, Configuration & Validation – 12%
  • Core Concepts – 19%
  • Networking – 11%
  • Scheduling – 5%
  • Security – 12%
  • Cluster Maintenance – 11%
  • Logging / Monitoring – 5%
  • Storage – 7%
  • Troubleshooting – 10%

Skills Required for CKAD:

  • Core Concepts – 13%
  • Configuration – 18%
  • Multi-Container Pods – 10%
  • Observability – 18%
  • Pod Design – 20%
  • Services & Networking – 13%
  • State Persistence – 8%

Kubernetes Certification Tips and Resources

Here are few resources which have enough tips and tricks to crack the kubernetes certification.

  1. Taking the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam

  2. Nail Your Kubernetes Admin Exam on the First Try

  3. Kubernetes Tutorials: Best Resources To Get Started With Kubernetes

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