List of Best Cloud Computing Certifications

best cloud computing certification

Cloud computing is not so new in the IT industry. Over the years, it has evolved as a field that attracts many IT professionals. And this field has been credited for generating massive opportunities and topping the hot prospect charts. Cloud can not only offer storage solutions but it can also run data centers on the cloud, enhancing efficiency and increasing cash flow for businesses. Moreover, with the advent of the DevOps methodology, the cloud had become an integral part of any project to speed up application development, deployment, and testing.

Cloud technology offers immense opportunities for those who want to shape their career in the IT sector. So how do you check if you are skilled enough to work in this lucrative field? Getting a cloud certification is the best bet and promoting yourself as a bankable asset.

How can you shape your career in cloud computing?

A cloud certification course will not only give you adequate knowledge and skills to compete in the job market but also provide employers with an opportunity to measure your skills against their requirements.

By enrolling in a cloud-based certification you will definitely increase your stock in the market and boost your career to new heights.

Fortunately, there are many top institutes that might help you out with an array of cloud-based certifications to shape your career to new heights.

Here are some of the best certifications that are ideal for an upcoming cloud engineer to shape his career in the right direction:

AWS certifications

This is currently one of the best options for an upcoming cloud technician as there are a plethora of opportunities. You can become a cloud-based architect designer and help various companies in setting up their cloud platform. As a matter of fact, AWS is one of the sought-after skill sets in the current DevOps market.

Being an AWS-certified architect or a developer definitely has an edge over the other certifications and might be the best bet going forward.

There are two types of certifications namely Associate and Professional that is available for you in cloud architecture design.

Another very good option for you is to become a DevOps engineer that will catapult you to becoming the most versatile and fruitful asset for any company. This will help you to not only get a grip on the program design but also on the networking aspects.

There are some other options as well such as developer and cloud administrator which will also you to create a niche for yourself.

Azure certifications

This one is probably the best choice for you if you are looking to keep up with the changes in the modern Microsoft cloud-based business.

There are basically two certifications that you can go through when you are looking to work on azure.

  1. The first one is a cloud and infrastructure course that entitles you to learn about the operation and management of the cloud-based platform. This is a short-term course and enables you to a number of lucrative jobs in the cloud sector such as cloud administrator or an analyst of information security.
  2. The second certification is a more detailed one and can help you to go in depths of the cloud computing. It will help you in understanding the designing, operation, management, and removal of bugs from the cloud network. You can choose among various opportunities like data administrator, designer or operational executive.

CompTIA certifications

Another certification that is aimed to make professionals market-ready is the CompTIA certification. The best thing about this certification is the fact that it can help you in improving your technical as well as business acumen related to cloud computing.

This proves to be quite beneficial especially when you start working in a business environment. A highly rated cloud certification for freshers as well as established engineers can improve the prospects in the market and enhance income.

Other Cloud Certifications

There are several other options available in the market but you must look for options that can boost your career. When you get a cloud certification, your income tends to rise meteorically. An average cloud engineer makes around $90K in a year.

But after these certifications, it may go up to around $150k annually which shows the importance of these certifications. However, you must analyze the demands in the market before choosing any type of certification to make sure that you can have good career and employment opportunities.

Here are two such certifications that you may opt for

Google Cloud Certification: One of the finest certifications which is also gaining prominence lately. You can go for the cloud architect course or data engineering which can ensure high reimbursement.

VMware Cloud Certification: Another very popular certification is the VMware certification. VMware is a pioneer in the cloud and virtualization domain, so any individual having these certifications will reap huge rewards. From the foundation course to sharpen your skills and the specialized virtualization and architecture design, there are endless options that you have.

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