CKAD Exam Updates and Changes for 2021

CKAD Exam Updates and Changes

The Linux Foundation has announced program changes for the CKAD exam.

As per the Linux Foundation Announcement, here is what you should know about the changes

  1. After September 28, 2021, the CKAD exam will have new set of domains and competencies added to the exam.
  2. The changes are applicable for both new exam and retakes irrespective of exam reserv eration time. SO anyone who sits for the exam after September 28, 2021 will have the new set of question from added domains.

What Has Changed in CKAD Exam?

The following image shows the difference between the old and new CKAD syllabus. Here is the PDF version.

  1. Old CKAD syllabus
  2. New CKAD syllabus
latest CKAD Exam Updates

In the new syllabus, the following Kubernetes topics have been added.

  1. Define, build and modify container images
  2. Use Kubernetes primitives to implement common deployment strategies (e.g. blue/green or canary)
  3. Use the Helm package manager to deploy existing packages
  4. Understand API deprecations
  5. Discover and use resources that extend Kubernetes (CRD)
  6. Understand authentication, authorization and admission control

Are you Currently Preparing for the Exam?

If you are currently preparing for the CKAD exam, try to give the exam before September 28, 2021.

If you are not able to pass the CKAD exam before September 28, 2021, you will have to prepare again with the added subjects.

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We will also update our CKAD certification guide soon with the latest domain changes and related official resources.

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