Free Kubernetes Ebook: Kubernetes up and running

Free Kubernetes Ebook

If you are looking for a Kubernetes book to get started or to learn all the Kubernetes concepts, Kubernetes up and running is for you. Even if you have an understanding of Kubernetes, we can guarantee that you will learn new things.

About the Authors

This book is authored by the following three authors.

  1. Brendan Burns
  2. Joe Beda
  3. Kelsey Hightower

The authors of this book are involved in Kubernetes development since its inception and are well-known names in the tech industry.

What is in the Book?

This book is close to 235 pages. It covers all the Kubernetes concepts in detail. The authors have done a great job of explaining all the concepts in an easy way.

Here are the key things covered in the book

  1. Introduction to Kubernetes & Why Kubernetes [Velocity, Scaling, Infrastrucutre]
  2. Key container concepts [Images, Docker, Multistage Build, Container Security]
  3. Kubernetes Cluster Setup [GKE, AKS, EKS, Minikube]
  4. Kubernetes CLI commands [kubectl]
  5. Kubernetes Objects Deep Dive [ Pods, Deployments, Replicasets, Deamonsets, jobs, Labels & annotations etc]
  6. Kubernetes Service Discovery
  7. Load balancing with Ingress
  8. Kubernetes RBAC
  9. Kubernetes Storage
  10. Running stateful sets on Kubernetes
  11. Kubernetes Custom Resources and Operator patterns.
  12. Real-world application deployments [Jupyter, Ghost, Redis]

Kubernetes up and running Free Ebook

Microsoft has done a great job by making the second edition ebook completely free.

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Other Kubernetes Books

The following are the best Kubernetes books you can read.

  1. Kubernetes Up and running [2nd Edition Paperback]
  2. Kubernetes in Action
  3. Kubernetes cookbook

Other Kubernetes Resources

Following are the best resources you can use to get your journey started with Kubernetes

  1. Kubernetes Learning Roadmap
  2. 40+ Kubernetes Tutorials
  3. Learn Kubernetes using Interactive Browser
  4. Kubernetes The Hard Way

If you want to get started with the Kubernetes clusters, start with GKE or any other managed Kubernetes services.

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