[50% Off] Dataquest Coupon & Review 2022: Learn Data Skills

Dataquest Coupon & Review

This post contains the latest Dataquest coupons and offers to get discounts on the Dataquest monthly, yearly, and lifetime premium subscription. In addition, I have also added all the free resources provided by Dataquest.

Dataquest is the right platform if you want to learn data related skills to become a data analyst, data engineer, data scientist, or even a machine learning developer.

Also, it is not just a learning platform; it’s more of a career advancement platform with a massive catalog of data-related career tracks.

Current Dataquest Coupons & Discounts

First, let’s look at all the available Dataquest coupons for you to save money on its monthly, Annual, and lifetime premium subscriptions. We will also look at free course access options for beginners, students, and tutors.

[50% Off] Dataquest Mothers Day Sale

As part of Mother day sale, Dataquest is offering 50% discount on its monthly, yearly and its Premium Lifetime Subscription. The liftime subscription is available for just $706.00.

Note: Login to get the discount page.

[50% Off] Dataquest Premium Sale

Dataquest is running an exclusive 50% off premium sale. You will get a 50% discount on its annual premium membership. Usually, the subscription is $49/month. With this flash sale, you can get it for $33/month. This is a very limited-time offer.

Note: This offer expires soon

With discounted yearly subscription, you will get the following.

  1. Complete access to our Dataquest catalog ( 67 Courses, 12 Skill Paths and 4 Career Paths )
  2. Full access to 30+ guided projects 
  3. Full access to 700+ practice problems 
  4. Certificates of course and path completion 
  5. Lifetime community membership 
  6. Premium community features
Dataquest 50% Off Premium Sale

Note: If you are looking for long-term learning with Dataquest, you could opt for the lifetime premium subscription which is only $1176.

[33% Off] Dataquest Yearly Premium Subscription

If you opt for Dataquest yearly subscription, you can save 33% on the annual subscription fee. Usually, the price is $49/month. However, with the 33% discount coupon, you can get a Dataquest annual subscription for just $33/month.

Dataquest Lifetime Premium Offer

Dataquest offers users a great deal to get the entire course catalog for lifetime access with a one-off purchase. You will be billed once for $823, and you will get a lifetime premium membership. In addition, you will get access to all future course paths and everything included in the premium subscription.

Once you log in, you can access the lifetime subscription page as shown below.

Dataquest lifetime membership discount

Dataquest Free Trial

When you signup for the Dataquest platform, you will get free trial access to the first three lessons of every course path. Using the free trial, you can get a feel of Dataquest courses. You can also access the interactive practice labs with the free lessons.

[60% Off] Dataquest Python Anniversary Sale [Expired]

Dataquest is running an exclusive 60% off sale as part of the python anniversary. You will get a 60% discount on its annual premium membership. Usually, the subscription is $49/month. With this python anniversary sale, you can get it for $19/month. This is a very limited-time offer.

Dataquest Free lifetime access

There are three ways by which you can get free lifetime premium access to the Dataquest platform.

  1. By referring your manager to the Dataquest Teams subscription. Use this team referral form to refer your manager.
  2. Refer four friends using the Dataquest referral program. Once your friend’s signup for Dataquest, they will receive $15 off their annual plan. Once you complete four paid referrals, you will get Dataquest free lifetime premium access.

[100% Off] Dataquest Academic Program

Dataquest Academic Program is designed for schools to get access to industry-leading data courses. Students can learn R, Python, and SQL with Dataquest. It comes with a class management functionality where the leader can add, and remove students as the group changes.

Dataquest Student Discount

Dataquest doesn’t offer any student discount or financial aid. However, it offers a scholarship program in partnership with other firms. Dataquest scholarships are not available all the time. You can check the scholarship page for all the available scholarships.

You can use any of the above Dataquest coupons to get discounts on your subscription. Also, Dataquest runs flash sales with discounts of up to 50% from time to time. You can make use of these exclusive offers to save money on memberships.

Now let’s look at the Dataquest review and all its features.

DataQuest Review

If you’re looking to learn how to code and do data analysis, Dataquest is the perfect platform for you. With courses for beginners and experienced data scientists alike, Dataquest has something for everyone. And because it’s an interactive learning platform, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace and get feedback along the way.

So, if you’re ready to level up your skills, Dataquest is the perfect place to start.

What is Dataquest and what do they offer?

Dataquest is an interactive learning platform that teaches you how to code and do data analysis. They offer courses for beginners as well as experienced data scientists. So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to level up your skills, Dataquest has a course for you.

The courses available on Dataquest are designed to help you learn coding and data analysis skills. You’ll be able to progress at your own pace and get feedback along the way. And because it’s an interactive learning platform, you’ll be able to learn efficiently and have fun while you’re doing it.

Also, Dataquest has a great community where you can interact with other learners and ask questions.

Dataquest Pricing

Now let’s look at the Dataquest pricing model.

If you are a beginner, you can get started with Dataquest using the free trial option. You will get access first three classes of every course path.

The paid plans start from $49/month. If you opt for an annual subscription you can get the same subscription for $33. If you are a continuous learner, you can get lifetime access for just $1176.

If you plan to buy the subscription, you can use the Datacamp coupons listed in this article to get up to a 50% discount on its annual subscription.

Dataquest pricing model

Dataquest Career Paths & Skill Paths

Dataquest Career Paths & Skill Paths

Dataquest has 4 Career Paths.

  1. Data analyst in python
  2. Data scientist in python
  3. Data engineer
  4. Data analyst in R

Also, there are 12 skill paths which include SQL, R, Machine learning, etc.

In total there are 72 individual courses to learn data skills.

Here is a view of the Python learning path.

Dataquest learning path

Skill Practice

Another great feature of Dataquest is the skill practice using hands-on problems. You can pick and choose a problem or choose a randomly selected problem.

You can also set a study goal and track your progress.

Dataquest skill practice

When you choose a skill practice lesson, you can use the browser-based interactive coding IDE to run the scripts.

Dataquest interactive IDE

Dataquest FAQs

Can Dataquest get you a job?

As per the Dataquest outcomes report, 90% dataquest students moved into jobs that require data skills. Also 97% Recommend dataquest for career adavancement.

Is it worth paying for Dataquest?

Dataquest has an exentive library of Data science courses. As compared to the course content, Dataquest has a flexible and affordable subscription charges. If you choose the annual plan, you have to pay as low as 24.50 per month.


We have covered all the available Dataquest coupons and discounts to save maximum on subscriptions in this post.

With Dataquest skill paths and courses, you can learn data-related skills in an organized way.
If you are an organization, you can use Dataquest for teams option to upskill your team on data skills.

Do give Dataquest a try using the free trial and enhance your data skill.

Another similar platform like Dataquest is Datacamp. You can also try out Datacamp using the Datacamp discount.

Also, if you are a developer and interested in system design and programming you can try the educative platform using the educative.io coupons.

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