[Solved] Teachable Custom Domain in Pending State

Teachable Custom Domain in Pending State

We started a Teachable school for out online courses and we had to set up a custom domain to the school.

When we configured the custom domain, the domain verification was in pending state for for than a day.

Even though all the DNS configurations were correct, it was still in pending state. We are Cloudflare for DNS.


The solution this this problem was very simple.

We had to delete the custom domain from the Teachable domain settings and added it again. The domain was instantly verified.

Teachable pending domain to verified.

If this approach doesn’t solve your issue, you can try out the following troubleshooting steps.

Ensure the DNS record is of type CNAME

If the DNS settings of your DNS providers, ensure the record created for Techable is a CNAME record. It wont work if the record type it A.

Add the correct Target DNS

In the CNAME target, ensure you add your Teachable domain name that you can get from the domains option as shown below.

Hope these steps will solve you Teachable DNS issue.

If you still face the issue or need help setting up the domain, drop and comment and we will help you out.

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